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Poppy Field


Fellowship Events

Sat., Oct. 28th Women’s Fall Tea

Thurs., Feb. 8th Ladies Fellowship Dinner
Sat., April 27th Women’s Spring Tea

Bible Study

Summit Harvest Church

Women’s Study  


Changed Into His Image

God’s Plan for Transforming Your Life

by Jim Berg (2nd Edition)

Changed Into His Image.jpg

If you are unable to purchase a book, please let us know and we can provide one for you.

When:      The 2nd Thursday of the Month

                    Time:  6:00pm – 7:30pm

                  The 4th Saturday of the Month

                    Time:  9:00am – 10:30am

(* exceptions due to holidays and fellowship gatherings)

Where:  The Otto’s (N6184 Christberg Rd., Johnson Creek, WI)

  • Saturday,    September 23rd      Chap. 1 Understanding Biblical Change

  • Thursday,    October 12th          Chap. 2 Recognizing the Evil Within

  • *Saturday, October 28th Women’s Fall Tea

  • Thursday,    November 9th         Chap. 3 Identifying Your Own Way

  • Saturday,    November 25th       Chap. 4 Getting in Your Place

  • Thursday,    December 7th         Chap. 5 Mortifying Your Flesh

  • *Saturday, December 23rd CHRISTMAS BREAK – no study

  • Thursday,    January 11th            Chap. 6 Getting in Touch with Reality

  • Saturday,    January 27th            Chap. 7 Becoming like Christ

  • *Thursday, February 8th Ladies Fellowship Dinner

  • Saturday,    February 24th          Chap. 8 Searching for Wisdom

  • Thursday,    March 14th              Chap. 9 Walking in Wisdom

  • Saturday,    March 23rd              Chap. 10 Being a God-Loving Example

  • Thursday,    April 11th                 Chap. 11 Being a Word-Filled Teacher

  • *Saturday, April 27th Women’s Spring Tea

  • Thursday,    May 9th                    Chap. 12 Being a Ministry-Minded Overseer

  • *Saturday, May 18th                  Chap. 13 Laboring Together with God

                                                               (change due to Memorial Day conflict)

Chapter MP3s



1. Understanding Biblical Change (11.9 MB)

Part One: Restraining Your Flesh

2. Recognizing the Evil Within (10.6 MB)

3. Identifying Your Own Way (12.3 MB)

4. Getting in Your Place (11.2 MB)

5. Mortifying Your Flesh (10.6 MB)

Part Two: Renewing Your Mind

6. Getting in Touch with Reality (10.3 MB)

7. Becoming Like Christ (11.1 MB)

8. Searching for Wisdom (12 MB)

9. Walking in Wisdom (10.7 MB)

Part Three: Reflecting Your Lord

10. Being a God-Loving Example (10.2 MB)

11. Being a Word-Filled Teacher (12.7 MB)

12. Being a Ministry-Minded Overseer (13.2 MB)

13. Laboring Together with God (12.3 MB)

Audio of Complete Changed into

His Image Seminar

Sermons preached to the congregation at Faith Baptist Church, located in Taylors, SC. All files are in MP3 format.

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